Mission Requirements

As God has blessed Camp Change, we believe that we must also tithe as a ministry and bless others who have the desire to serve, with the financial means to go into the mission field and fulfill the great commission.

In order receive missions support from the Camp Change “missions fund” applicants must meet the following requirements:

1.) Fully complete an application for missions funding.

2.) Complete an interview by the Camp Change Advisory Council.

3.) Complete and return the Family Missions Agreement.

4.) Applicant must have demonstrated commitment to their local church through regular attendance.

5.) Applicant must have participated in three short term missions projects throughout the year.

6.) Applicant must demonstrate a good faith effort to contribute toward their own missions funding through fundraising efforts.

7.) Complete an essay on why you feel called to participate in the mission trip for which you are seeking funding. (Requirements: no less than 500 words, MLA format)

8.) Provide three personal and three peer or professional recommendations.

9.) Provide proof of church membership and a recommendation by your pastor.

10.) Please submit all completed forms to CampChange18@gmail.com