Family Agreement

A key to a successful missions experience is family support. It is important that family members are aware and supportive of your upcoming Missions Experience. In light of this fact, please take time as a family to discuss the following questions:

1.) Where are you going for your missions experience?
2.) What are the dates for traveling and the experience itself?
3.) Why do you feel called to participate in this mission trip?
4.) Will assistance be needed with an fo the following:

a. Transportation: Will you need help getting to short term mission projects or to missions related meetings or places such as the airport? Who can help with this?

b. Supplies: What are the required supplies you will need for this trip? Will you need camping related equipment, additional clothing, specific tools? Do you need to budget for these supplies as a family?

5.) As a family it will be important that you support one another spiritually. Do you agree to pray together regularly for this upcoming ministry and the people whom it will affect?
6.) While you are away, who will cover your responsibilities in the household?
7.) Have you discussed your upcoming trip with your employer or organizations with whom you have responsibilities such as schools, teams or ministries?