Day 2: Peace in Trusting

Scripture-Philippians 4:19

“19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”


We can always trust God to meet our needs. Whatever we need on earth or in heaven we can trust that He will supply, and yes, this also includes money. We must also recognize the differences between needs and wants. Most people may want a new car, house, or a big expensive vacation, but remember we will not always get what we want. By trusting in Christ, our hearts can be changed from wanting things to being content in the provisions He has given us, by living for Him.

During Camp Change this year, children learned the differences between needs and wants. We talked about contentment (satisfaction and true happiness) and how it only comes from having Christ in our lives. We discussed with them what a healthy balance of needs and wants looks like so that they will not get off course and follow “stuff” instead of Christ. But what are needs and wants? Needs are the things necessary for survival or safety; for example, food, water, clothing, and shelter. Wants are things that you desire to have but are not necessary for survival or safety, for example, video games, barbies, slime and dance classes.

At Christmas it is a challenge for children not to lose sight of the blessings God has already given to them. Our hearts and minds can quickly jump straight to wants and we can get a bad case of the “gimmes”.  Sometimes we even show discontentment by comparing how many gifts we got, as opposed to what our brothers, sisters or friends may have received. This is a surely a path to unhappiness.

During the Christmas season, may we recognize that we are all so blessed to have our needs met and even some of our wants. During Camp Change, through conversations with campers we discovered that some of our children’s needs were not being well met. We were able to assist some children with food, clothing and were even able to share the message of salvation with them. We may never know the secret needs our friends might have, and we may never find out, if we are only focused on ourselves and our wants. What a peace we can bring to others by sharing His love, so let’s remember to share Christ with others this season so that they may learn to trust in Him for all their needs too!


Prayer– Dear Jesus please help me to focus on my blessings and not my wants this Christmas.  Please give me opportunities to listen for the needs in other people’s lives and do what I can to meet them in your name.  Amen

Activity– Parents, on a sheet of paper make two columns. Label one needs and the other wants. Quiz your children to see if they know the difference between the two. Use this activity as a learning opportunity to discuss with your children about the differences between the two.

Challenge– This week your challenge is to listen for needs that people around you many have. Discuss the needs that you have discovered and plan as a family to take care of at least one of these needs before Christmas.