Thanks for joining me!

We have had a wonderful summer and are blessed beyond measure to have been able to minister into the community. We are looking forward to publishing Camp Change very soon! If you are interested in being placed on a list for the Camp Change curriculum when it becomes available, please feel free to contact us.

About Camp Change

Camp Change was born in 2017 out of conversations with parents; conversations about great kids who are greatly discontent and entitled. We talked about how enough is never enough and how there is always that “one more thing” that our children think they need to have to be happy.  We asked ourselves, “How did we get here?”

This nagging feeling that something could and should be done to change the “norm” for our children in an increasingly consumeristic society developed into serious conversations and then a shared hope between two moms, who determined that these behaviors could be corrected if caught early. Most importantly, although we knew that we could teach our children new habits, it would take God’s words working in their hearts and minds for trans-formative life changes to occur.

Rebecca Sloan Lindhout and Amanda McLawhorn Burke have co-authored the Camp Change curriculum for 2018. We are humbled, grateful, and excited to use our talents and abilities to educate children and to further God’s kingdom.  Rebecca is a graduate of Campbell University with bachelor’s Degrees in Elementary Education and Religion and has a Master of Divinity from Baptist Theological Seminary, Richmond. She has worked at Antioch Baptist Church for more than 9 years. Rebecca has enjoyed teaching, educating, and ministering to young children from all ages and various backgrounds. Amanda is also a graduate of Campbell University’s Trust and Wealth Management Program. Amanda has more than 15 years of experience in the Finance industry specializing in financial planning, and is an accredited financial counselor currently pursuing the CFP designation. Amanda is passionate about financial literacy and enjoys serving within the church and community teaching adults and children.

We would like to recognize and show appreciation for all the love, support, and prayers from our friends and family at Antioch Baptist Church.

Together, we can accomplish great things to further the kingdom of God.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost” Luke 19:10