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Camp change was born in 2017 out of conversations between two moms and other parents.  Conversations about great kids who are greatly discontent and entitled. We talked about how enough is never enough and how is always that “one more thing” that our children think they need to have to be happy.  How did we get here?  We talked, and we dreamed, and we asked ourselves these questions:

  • What would it be like for our kids to understand the value a dollar?

  • How would our lives change if our children didn’t feel entitled to all the “stuff” the world has to offer?

  • How would their futures realign with God’s purpose for them if our children learned responsibility to God through their finances?

  • How much peace would our families experience if our children knew what it means to be content apart from “things”?

  • What if money is no longer is a taboo subject?


So, we prayed and planned and in 2017, our first Camp Change was born. This camp was a success but within our interactions with the kids, we recognized that there was so much more to be taught than could be addressed in one week of one summer. We realized that we had more questions to be answered, more teachable moments to be had.

At Camp Change we teach children to be good stewards of resources that God has given them. Our team instills the application of Biblical principles and solutions to children’s everyday lives to develop their faith and financial understanding. With 4 out of 5 families living paycheck to paycheck, our vision is to equip the next generation to understand that all money is God’s money and that we are to be good stewards of what he has provided to us. In doing so, we will have begun to develop generous kids, who grow to become financially responsible adults that are able to assist financially with fulfilling the great commission through the support of mission’s work.

Please join us in fulfilling our mission to help develop families in faith and financial understanding.